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10 N. Spencer is an attractive investment with its 42-acre siting, an already-restored historic home and modern guest house with pool, and valuable dependency buildings - two steel Morton structures: a train barn and an octagonal building.

The 42-acre site offer some development opportunities for outlying parcels not affecting the historic site or its dependency buildings.

The sale of the 1898 National Registry-listed Queen Anne includes all its antique furnishings, as well as an extensive rug collection that has been appraised at over $170,000.


The multi-purpose train barn houses a restored 36-passenger MTC train in mint condition (which runs on 2 miles of track across the grounds), the necessary hoist for servicing and maintenance of the train, as well as a two-story multi-vehicle garage/workshop with open loft and a large, climate controlled second floor room. Included is the necessary farm machinery to operate and maintain the property and grounds - and worth in excess of $200,000. 


The tent-shaped octagonal building (currently housing a restored 36-horse Herschel carousel) is an ideal event space – climate-controlled, equipped with ADA-accessible restrooms and water fountains, and featuring a partially covered patio leading out the lawn.

No matter how you slice it, 10 N. Spencer offers a fantastic opportunity and great value for any investor seeking an unique country lifestyle and/or a variety of self-contained hospitality business opportunities.

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